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We hear a lot about how dramatically the music industry is changing. And indeed, there are plenty of positive trends amidst the disruption. Music creation is easier than ever. So is music discovery. Streaming services offer a new model for the consumption of music on any device, in any location. One thing is for sure, developers are building new things everyday that will help shape the future of music.

It's an exciting time, but not always a reassuring one for the people that create the music themselves. In a lot of ways, the new music ecosystem can be even more confusing for artists, even if unprecedented opportunities technically exist for them.

WordPress is an ever evolving platform, powering sites such as Katy Perry, Bon Iver, The Who: Quadrophenia, Spotify, Morcheeba, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Röyksopp, Lollapalooza, Sigur Rós, Arcade Fire, Jason Mraz, Beastie Boys and many more.

Our web services include Domain Management, Web Hosting, Email Configuration and
WordPress Installation/Design.

Check out some of the themes available or tell us your preferred theme and we can configure it for you.

This entire website is designed on WordPress. Never before has keeping your content up to date been so easy. The design looks professional and presents your band or music service in the most professional manner.

You don't even have to code..

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